Utility tokens have become a popular investment with crypto enthusiasts for a number of reasons. Utility tokens are often part of an ecosystem and are used for purposes outside of normal trading. Some of the most famous ones are Ethereum, Ripple, Binance Coin and FLy.

A utility token is a digital token of cryptocurrency that is issued in order to fund development of the cryptocurrency and that can be later used to purchase a good or service offered by the issuer of the cryptocurrency. In the crypto space, such tokens can be used to fund a cryptocurrency project. Typically, they give value to investors to access the company products and services in the future.

Traders in the crypto market have a growing interest in utility tokens, mainly because of their value. Utility token has a broader functionality compared to a coin and offers investors substantial value in multiple ways. A notable benefit of a utility token is that traders can exchange their tokens for a company’s future product or service.


Ethereum is the world’s second favourite cryptocurrency and top utility currency. Ethereum allows developers to create smart contracts on top of the blockchain data. Smart contracts are blockchain secured contracts written in solidity programming language and operate within the limits of their code. They can be used to create autonomous organizations, new tokens and many decentralized products like NFT’s, De-Fi and DEX’s. Ethereum is currently moving from PoW to PoS consensus mechanism, once completed rewards will be paid to those that stake their Ethereum on special nodes dedicated to strengthening the network and processing transactions.



Ripple, though often a contentious subject, has a utility token named XRP. Ripple was conceived to become a cross-border payment system to assist traditional finance institutes to move money globally and quickly. xrp is a utility token because its main use is to facilitate these payments and high-volumes. Ripples’ history has been up and down with several battles in court over SEC allegations. The team insists that they are still on good terms with their investors and have no intention of giving up yet.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is the native coin for Binance exchange and services. You can pay lower trading fees when paying with Binance coin, you can convert your small amounts of crypto, known as dust, to Binance coin with a click of a button. Binance coin has become extremely popular and much more valuable than it was ever intended to be. Nevertheless, Binance coin goes from strength to strength and as long as Binance exchange continues to be a success so will their native coin.


When you think of a utility token, there is none more capable than Franklin, more commonly known as FLy. FLy was created for FLY ecosystem to serve a range of financial services for B2B and B2C customers: such as dark liquidity pool, market-making services, launchpad, staking and farming, bridge, copy trading service.

FLy really does do it all, and FLy team is currently going through an image overhaul and massive infrastructure expansion. Keep an eye on the FLy newsletter in Telegram and watch out for the new services, each one is a vital part of our growing network.

What is the FLy token for? What benefits does it bring to users?

The role of the FLy token is to provide token holders with opportunities for obtaining trading rebates, covering network expenses and gaining additional benefits for liquidity provision and funding. Take note that FLy tokens offer special benefits here:

Risk-free Launchpad. The FLy community enjoys the opportunity to invest in high-quality projects with good conditions, which are similar to pre-seed and seed institutional rounds. The key benefits of FLy’s Launchpad is that it’s absolutely risk-free for FLy community.

Farming and Staking – Liquidity providers can get risk-free opportunities to make money with high APY through margin traders. Funds are secured by smart contracts and a Black Ocean hi-end risk-management system. Margin traders are obligated to keep a sufficient level of collateral to use as leverage.

Trading signals solutions for manual and API trading. These signals are derived from purely quantitative trading indicators, which continuously monitor the market and allow you to capture the market moves as they unfold.

– Massive 25% discount for those purchasing with the FLy token for Market Making Solutions by Black Ocean.

– FLy token holders have access to “VRM Insights”, cryptocurrency market analysis and forecasts provided by VRM Research. This includes solid market data analysis and the latest research about trading tendencies. Excellent support for investment decision-making.

– Increased rebates for Liquidity pool customers.

How and where to buy FLy

As you can see, a utility token can have a wide range of uses and purposes. There are many other utility tokens on the market, and some show promising characteristics. Remember to do your own research and try to understand the underlying technology, its limits and uses before you invest.

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