By 2027, the expected cryptocurrencies volume will be $24 trillion, equivalent to 10% of global GDP. So, we can clearly say that digital assets are growing very fast. Cryptocurrencies are used by various companies, for example, in the financial and technology sectors. Tesla and Square have invested $1.5 billion and $50 million in Bitcoin, respectively, while giants like J.P Morgan, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and PNC are implementing blockchain to have the infrastructure to support various digital assets.

In June 2021, the number of global crypto users reached 221 billion, up from 66 million in May 2020. In 2021, we saw very strong months of rising user numbers from January to April, as institutions like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and MicroStrategy announced they would support crypto.

Meanwhile, the cumulative market capitalization of the crypto asset class is approaching $1.3 trillion $USD. Moreover, blockchain technology is more than just a technology for using cryptocurrencies. It is now a whole new ecosystem that is creating new opportunities in various spheres of life. We must not forget about aspects like NFT, crypto lending, farming, staking and Launchpad solutions.

All retail traders want a quick buck, but they are not willing to take risks. However, the risk is the flip side of profitability. Speaking of unique solutions in the world of DeFi, it’s impossible not to mention a great tool for investors – FLy Launchpad.

What is the crypto launchpad platform?

Launchpad allows investors to invest their assets in early-stage new crypto startups before they go public.

To understand how Launchpad works, you first need to understand how young crypto startups raise money for their projects.

– A startup launches a new product or service that they want to develop.

– They create a token that will be an essential part of their platform.

– This token is sold to an early investor to raise money.

– The token is issued on the public market

– Investors who bought a token at the lowest price and got into the project at an early stage make more money than those who got in at a later stage

Is it risky or not?

The price of a just-released coin is very volatile, which means that money can either be lost or gained within minutes, hours or days. Users have to decide what investment they want to risk in order to participate in token sales.

In theory, investors want to be as risk-free as possible. Are there safe methods? Risk-free solutions totally exist on the market. We would like to tell you more about the FLy launchpad.

By understanding investor’s needs in total transparency, FLy team has developed a risk-free Launchpad platform. FLy token holders can easily participate in purchasing IDO with a high token rating at discounted prices, similar to pre-seed and seed institutional rounds. And the greatest benefit is – they could participate in IDO on FLy platform without the risk of losing money in case the price of tokens doesn’t grow. This is a win-win solution that attracts customers.

If an IDO token performs badly or a team behaves unfairly, the token holders get back their investment without any losses. This is the unique approach for the FLy Launchpad participants.

As Vladimir Demin, the Chairman of VRM and FLy ECO stakeholder says: “There is no better way to evaluate a project than its public price. So, we return all or part of the invested tokens to their holders in case of IDO project price dumping. We have done it a few times and the community loves us for it.”

So, let’s talk about how FLy Launchpad actually works:

1. FLy ECO gathers projects from the market and from its network of institutional investors.

2. If a project is qualified, has been invested by famous VCs, has a good reputation and market potential, this project can have IDO on the FLy ECO launchpad platform.

3. Once the project is approved for launch on the launchpad, it provides FLy ECO with tokens for IDO

4. Community members can then place bids for amounts that they want to invest. Based on the bids, FLy ECO computes and announces the amount of allocation for each participant.

5. This is followed by an autonomous process where a confirmed amount of funds are sent to the IDO (project) and project tokens are distributed among the participants.

6. Once an investor has added funds to the FLy Launchpad pool, FLy’s team monitors the token price after listing. If the token price at listing is lower than the IDO price, FLy Launchpad makes a full refund (+ project tokens) to launchpad participants! Yes, it’s absolutely unique and risk-free!

How could I participate in the FLy launchpad risk-free platform?
What are the requirements?

Requirements are pretty simple and affordable:

  • If a user holds from 101 FLy to 1 000 FLy, he or she can just participate in IDOs.
  • If a user holds from 1 001 FLy to 10 000 FLy, in this case, the participation in IDO for any project is risk-free.
  • If a user holds from 10 001 FLy to 100 000 FLy, in this case, we guarantee the minimum allocation in risk-free IDO.
  • If a user holds from 100 001 FLy to 500 000 FLy, in this case, we guarantee maximum allocation in risk-free IDO.
  • If a user holds more than 500 001 FLy, this user becomes whitelisted in a risk-free IDO

New projects can raise millions of USDT within a few hours and go on to yield excellent results for early investors. FLy ECO has ideated a computation system that rewards early users on the platform, thus, it is a value that FLy ECO pursues. Nevertheless, the platform doesn’t create high entry barriers for latecomers. Full list of recent and upcoming IDO is available at the official FLy Launchpad website.

We hope that you’ve found this article easy to follow and useful. If you have any further questions or want to learn more about our native FLy token, feel free to join our official Telegram Global community channel. Don’t miss out our news and new products launching – FLy and BO Newsletter.

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