Black Ocean passed the institutional financial stage successfully. The fundraising for the project was officially closed on 14th of March 2021. The Black Ocean project attracted large numbers of the most famous funds, such as NGC, FBG, LD Capital and more than 25+ famous VCs. The whole amount of attracted sum is 4.3m$.

Black Ocean is aimed at fulfilling demands for both institutional players and market makers. Thus, the project provides both a liquidity pool and a dark pool service for institutional customers, along with market makers. Black Ocean will be officially launched in Q2 of 2021.

Investors include FBG, LD Capital, YBB, Stillwater Research, AC Capital, Sanctum Ventures, AKG Ventures, HBTC, Redline Capital, Axia8 Ventures, MXC Exchange , Gate Labs, Consensus Lab, Collinstar Capital, Superchain Capital, Jackdaw Capital, Blofin, Fundamental Labs, Parastate, Quest Capital, Redblock Capital, OnePiece Capital, Defi Times Capital, Eureka, Bitmart, MCVC, Encryption, Defi Singapore, Deep Tech Ventures and many other well-known institutions participated in the investment.

The Black Ocean team intends to keep investors interested and involved in the project. Also, all investors and partners are provided with detailed reports with all the necessary information: from the latest program changes to spent sums.

The company planned to run listing events for its native token FLy in April. Follow the official channels to get the latest news and announcements.